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#104 – Jimmy Wales

#104 – Jimmy Wales published on No Comments on #104 – Jimmy Wales

Happy Hanukkah!

Jimmy Wales is the co-founder of Wikipedia, as well as the hosting company Wikia (now known as Fandom).

If Google is a quick way of getting a knowledge – Wikipedia is The Knowledge itself, localized in a single one-stop site. Wikipedia, which boasts the title of “the free encyclopedia”, is the layer of sources and facts brought up by the smartest minds of the world. Anyone from anywhere can edit the page, if new info about something comes up, and other community members decide if it’s correct. All this for a free website!

Need info for school essay? Consider Wikipedia. Need some sources to confirm your point? Consider Wikipedia. Need to write a page about a person? Consider researching Wikipedia, of course. And it’s all available thanks to Jimmy.

In conclusion, it’s fair to say that Wikipedia is our greatest ally in gathering valuable information we may otherwise never have known about!