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#112 – Vladimir Lenin

#112 – Vladimir Lenin published on No Comments on #112 – Vladimir Lenin

While Lenin was not the most Jewish Individual of the Soviet Union’s founders, we thought it apt to include him here. Lenin, did however, have a grandfather named Israel Blank. It’s theorized that this leads to Lenin being approximately one quarter Jewish.

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known as Vladimir Lenin, was a Soviet politician who served as the head of Government of Soviet Russia in its various forms from 1917 to 1924. Lenin transformed Russia from a democracy into a Marxist-Leninist one-party state governed by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Lenin is often credited as being one of the leading figures in the influence of modern communism and wider left-wing economic discourse.

It is unquestionable that Lenin remains one of the most prominently referenced and culturally influential figures in both modern and historical communist ideologies.