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#113 – Leon Trotsky / Lev Bronstein

#113 – Leon Trotsky / Lev Bronstein published on No Comments on #113 – Leon Trotsky / Lev Bronstein

Lev Davidovich Bronstein, better known as Leon Trotsky, was a Ukranian-Jewish political theorist and politician who served as a senior figure throughout various branches of the Soviet Union’s Government from 1917 – 1929.

Trotsky’s first role within communist politics was being a part of the failed Russian Revolution of 1905. He would then be exiled for his role in this, before returning to Russia to help overthrow the post-Tsarist Provisional Government in 1917 during the October Revolution. Trotsky held many roles throughout the Soviet Union, such as being Chairman of the Petrograd Soviet, a member of the 6th – 14th Politburo, People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs of the RSFSR, and People’s Commissar of Military and Naval Affairs of the Soviet Union.

After Stalin’s takeover in 1929, Trotsky was expelled from the Soviet Union. However, he remains one of the most important and influential figures in the founding of the former Communist Russia.

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