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#114 – Lev Kamenev

#114 – Lev Kamenev published on No Comments on #114 – Lev Kamenev

Leo Rosenfeld, better known as Lev Kamenev, was a Russian-Jewish Bolshevik political theorist and politician who served as a senior figure throughout various branches of the Soviet Union’s Government from 1917 – 1926.

Kamenev’s first appearance in communist politics during his participation in the failed Russian Revolution of 1905, which he was exiled for taking part in. After this, he became a close friend of Vladimir Lenin and would later return to Russia in 1917 following the overthrowing of the Tsarist monarchy. Following the revolution, he would briefly serve as the head of state of Soviet Russia. He stayed in Government in various roles, eventually being elected as a member of the first Politburo in 1919. Kamenev’s main notoriety from within the Soviet Union comes from him serving as a member of the 8th to 13th Politburos and as a full member of the 6th to 14th Central Committees.

After Stalin’s takeover in 1929, Kamenev was arrested and executed in 1936.

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