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#116 – Genrikh Yagoda

#116 – Genrikh Yagoda published on No Comments on #116 – Genrikh Yagoda

Yenokh Iyeguda, better known as Genrikh Yagoda, was a Russian-Jewish Soviet secret police official who served in roles such as the director of the NKVD.

Following the October Revolution in 1917, Yagoda rose through the ranks of the Russian intelligence service, Cheka, before becoming its head in 1923.

Yagoda was instrumental in the arrest, trial and execution of the so-called “Old Bolsheviks” Lev Kamenev and Grigory Zinoviev. He served under Stalin as the head of the NKVD from 1934 until 1936, but was later demoted in 1936 and arrested in 1937 for crimes of espionage, Trotskyism, conspiracy and wrecking. Following his guilty verdict, he was executed in 1938.