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#118 – Benjamin Gitlow

#118 – Benjamin Gitlow published on No Comments on #118 – Benjamin Gitlow

Benjamin “Ben” Gitlow was a prominent American Socialist politician of the early 20th century and a founding member of the Communist Party USA. During the end of the 1930’s, Gitlow turned to conservatism and wrote two sensational exposes of American Communism, which were very influential during the McCarthy period. Gitlow remained a leading anti-communist up to the time of his death.1

As soon as Gitlow turned 18 and became eligible for membership, he joined the Socialist Party of America. Gitlow was a committed and active member of the party and was elected a delegate to the New York State convention of the SPA in 1910, the year after his joining. In the fall of 1917, Gitlow was elected on the Socialist ticket to the New York State Assembly, and sat in the 141st New York State Legislature

After briefly rejoining the Socialist Party in 1934, Gitlow became disillusioned with radicalism of all shades and emerged as an outspoken anti-communist.