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#119 – William Weinstone

#119 – William Weinstone published on No Comments on #119 – William Weinstone

William Wolf Weinstone was an American Communist politician and a labor leader. Weinstone served as Executive Secretary of the unified Communist Party of America, the forerunner of today’s Communist Party USA, from October 15 1921 to February 22, 1922, and was an important figure in the party’s activities among the auto workers of Detroit during the 1930s.

In June 1919, Weinstone was elected as an alternative delegate to the Left Wing National Conference held in New York City, at which he was seated to replace a regular delegate on the last day of gathering.

In the summer of 1929, following the removal of Jay Lovestone and Benjamin Gitlow from the leadership of the Communist Party, Weinstone was added to the ranks of a new collective leadership called the Secretariat.

In 1938 Weinstone was named Direct or of the New York Workers School, the Communist Party’s ideological training school located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. He served that role until 1944.

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