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#121 – Ernő Gerő

#121 – Ernő Gerő published on No Comments on #121 – Ernő Gerő

Ernő Gerő was a Hungarian Communist Party leader in the period after World War II and briefly in 1956, he was the most powerful man in Hungary as the second secretary of its ruling communist party.

The outbreak of the Second World War in Europe found him in Moscow, and he remained for the duration of the war. After the dissolution of the Communist International in 1943, he was in charge of propaganda directed at enemy forces and prisoners of war. Gerő was among the first communist functionalities to return to Hungary in early November 1944.1

Gerő led the country of Hungary for a brief period, known as the “Gerő Interregnum” from July 18th, 1956 to October 24th, 1956, just over three months.