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#128 – Julius Rosenwald

#128 – Julius Rosenwald published on No Comments on #128 – Julius Rosenwald

Julius Rosenwald provided funds to build six small schools in rural Alabama, which were constructed and opened in 1913 and 1914, and overseen by Tuskegee. As the projects were build and for African Americans, they showed Rosenwald’s intention to remain behind the scenes in this effort. 1 Inspired by the social progressivism of Jane Addams, Grace Abbott, Paul J. Sachs, and the Reform Judaism of Emil Hirsch and Julian Mack.

Over the course of his life, Rosenwald donated over $70M to public schools, colleges, universities, museums, Jewish charities, and African American Institutions. The rural school building program was one of the largest programs administered by the Rosenwald Fund. These schools became informally known as “Rosenwald Schools”.2

The YMCA in 1910 asked Rosewald to fund a proposal for a new building in Chicago; Roselwald replied that he would only contribute if a center for African Americans was also constructed.3 The result was the Wabash Avenue YMCA, opened in 1914, which would later become a historic landmark. The Wabash “Y” greatly aided blacks’ integration into Chicago during the Great Migration. It is still operating today.4

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