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#149 – Rachel Schneerson

#149 – Rachel Schneerson published on No Comments on #149 – Rachel Schneerson

Rachel Schneerson was a senior investigator in the Laboratory in Developmental and Molecular Immunity and head of the Section on Bacterial Disease Pathogens and Immunity within the Laboratory at the Eunice Kennedy Shiver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development within the National Institutes of Health.

Scheerson did a rotating internship at Tel-Hashomer Government Hospital, Tel-Aviv, Israel, followed by pediatrics residency at Hillel-Jaffe Government Hospital, Hadera, Israel. She then returned to Tel-Hashomer Government Hospital, in Tel-Aviv for a pediatrics residency and a year as a senior resident in Internal Medicine and Cytogenetics.

Scheerson is also best known for her work on the vaccine for Haemophilus influenza type B, or HiB. Prior to the vaccine’s use, Hib infested 20K U.S. children younger than age 5 each year; 5% died of those, and 1/3 were left with intellectual disability, deafness, or seizures.1

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