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#172 – Robert Allen and Al Stillman

#172 – Robert Allen and Al Stillman published on No Comments on #172 – Robert Allen and Al Stillman

Robert Allen

Allen was an American pianist, arranger, and writer of music for popular songs. He was also an accompanist for Perry Como, Peter Lind Hayes, and Arthur Godfrey. Many of his compositions were collaborations with lyricist Al Stillman.

Al Stillman

Stillman collaborated with a number of composers, and many of his collaborations with Allen were major hits for the 1950s for The Four Lads; the Stillman/Allen team also wrote hit songs for Perry Como and Johnny Mathis.

Some of his most famous songs include:

  • “Home for the Holidays” [ w/ Robert Allen ]
  •  “You Alone (Solo Tu)” [ w/ Robert Allen ]
  • “To Know You (Is to Love You)” [ w/ Robert Allen ]
  • “Enchanted Islands” [ w/ Robert Allen ]
  • “Moments to Remember” [ w/ Robert Allen ]
  • “No, Not Much” [ w/ Robert Allen ]
  • “There’s Only One of You” [ w/ Robert Allen ]
  • “Who needs You?” [ w/ Robert Allen ]


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