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#177 – Yemelyan Yaroslavsky

#177 – Yemelyan Yaroslavsky published on No Comments on #177 – Yemelyan Yaroslavsky

Early in the Russian Civil War, he was a political commissar with the Red Army in Moscow. He supported the ‘Military Opposition’, who objected to the strategy deployed by the People’s Commissar for War Leon Trotsky, which relied on professional army officers and set-piece battles, rather than guerilla tactics. The opposition is presumed to have been encouraged by Joseph Stalin. 1Let History Judge, the Origins and Consequences of Stalinism. Spokesman. p. 14

Yaroslavsky “acquired a notorious reputation as chairman of the League of Militant Godless…” and that he was a “coauthor of an important history… editor of the periodical “History Journal”….and served on the editorial board of “The Marxist Historian”. Yaroslavsky also was the head of the Communist Party Propaganda department.”2Soviet Communism: A New Civilization (1943)3Socialism in One Country, 2 vols. (1958–59)