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#180 – Moša Pijade

#180 – Moša Pijade published on No Comments on #180 – Moša Pijade

Moša Pijade is thought to have had major influence on Marxist ideology as exposed during the old regime in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, being best known for translating Das Kapital by Karl Marx into Serbo-Croatian.

Pijade was one of the leaders of the Uprising in Montenegro,1 showing a negative reaction towards the people who rejected to join his unit. He was subsequently recalled to the communist headquarters because of the issues connected to the uprising. 2Mid-European Studies Center of the Free Europe Committee. p. 431. These issues were solved subsequently by a prosecution of “leftist errors” by Partisans in Montenegro.3

Pijade was also known as the creator of the ‘Foča regulations’ (1942), which established the foundation and activity of people’s liberation committees in liberated territories during the war against the Nazis. In November 1943, he initiated the foundation of Tanjug, a state news agency of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, currently located in Serbia.

In 1948, Moša Pijade convinced the President of Yugoslavia to allow Jews who remained in Yugoslavia to emigrate to Israel. The President agreed on a one-time exception basis, and as a result, three thousand Jews emigrated from Yugoslavia to Israel to the SS Kefalos in December 1948.