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#190 – Joanna Angel

#190 – Joanna Angel published on No Comments on #190 – Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel (Birth name: Joanna Mostov) is an adult entertainment superstar. She has worked as a mainstream actress, writer, and director of numerous adult films.

Angel is credited for her extensive work to help grow the “alt porn” scene in the adult entertainment industry. “Alt porn” is a type of adult entertainment featuring members of subcultures such as emos, goths, punks, and more; often featuring body modifications such as tattoos and piercings.

In April 2002, she started “BurningAngel” with her flatmate Mitch Fontaine. It became one of the biggest sites for the “alt porn” genre.


In 2011, she was named one of the 12 most popular adult film actresses by CNBC.1“The Dirty Dozen – Porn’s Most Popular Stars” (CNBC via