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#3 – Stephen Miller

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Stephen Miller, an American government official who serves as a senior advisor for policy to the 52th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.1 Previously a communications director for Senator Jeff Sessions, and a press secretary for U.S. Representatives Michele Bachmann and John Shadegg.


After graduating from college, Miller began to work as a press secretary for Congresswoman Michele Bachmann & Congressman John Shadegg. He rose to the position of Sessions’ communication director; and in the 113th Congress, Miller played a major role in defeating the bipartisan Gang of Eight’s proposed immigration reform bill. 2


Mr. Miller’s politics have been described as far-right and anti-immigration;4[/mfn]4 with this in mind, in the early days of Trump’s presidency, Miller worked to restrict immigration and crack down on sanctuary cities,5 and was involved in the formation of Executive Order 13769, which was a restriction on U.S. travel and immigration by citizens of seven Muslim countries for 120 days. 6 Miller has been credited as the person behind Trump’s administration’s choice to cull the number of refugees accepted in the United States as well.7


Miller & Attorney General Sessions were described as chief champions of the Trump Administration’s decision to separate migrant children from their parents when they crossed the U.S. Border; Mr. Miller justifying that ‘such a policy would deter migrants from coming into the United States’.9






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