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InfoTable: Jews built the comic book industry from the ground up, and the influence of Jewish writers, artists, and editors continues to be felt to this day.

Quote by Arie Kaplan.

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This information is based on several general sources:

“Jews in Comic Books” – Arie Kaplan, MyJewishLearning

“How Mad magazine taught me to think like a furshlugginer Jewish intellectual” – Andrew Silow-Carroll, JTA

“Superman: From Cleveland to Krypton” – Simcha Weinstein, MyJewishLearning

Max Gaines

Will Eisner

Jack Liebowitz and Harry Donenfeld

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Bob Kane and Bill Finger

Sheldon Mayer

Jerry Robinson

Trina Robbins

Martin Goodman

Stan Lee

Jack Kirby and Joe Simon

William Gaines

Harvey Kurtzman

Will Elder

Al Feldstein

Mort Drucker

Al Jaffee

Frank Jacobs

Louis Silberkleit, John Goldwater, and Maurice Coyne

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