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Our Accuracy And Quality Guarantee

Our website was started with one simple purpose; fighting misinformation.

That’s why we strive to provide only the most accurate information possible. We will never intentionally misinform you, or purposely work to mislead you. But sometimes, we might make mistakes.

What does that mean? It means that, if we make a mistake – we want to hear you LOUD and CLEAR. LET US KNOW that we have information which is incorrect on our website. If you find an innaccurate claim on our website, you could be entitled to a monetary reward.

Here’s how it works.

If we have a mistake on a single person’s card:

Inaccurately claim someone as Jewish who is NOT Jewish: If someone on our site it innacurately claimed to be Jewish, we will work to rectify this IMMEDIATELY. Early in the site’s development, for example; we had a team member that was not a native English speaker, and thus would misrepresent people as Jewish due to using English language sources he did not fully understand (for example, he claimed Rachel Maddow was Jewish, despite her being only 25% Jewish, and Brian Stelter, despite him only raising his kids Jewish and not being Jewish himself as far as any sources have shown.). We rectified these issues almost immediately upon being notified of them. Nowadays, Alex has whipped things into much better shape, and we have much higher standards for how information is processed; this should no longer happen. If it does, let us know – if it occurred after March 31, 2021, we will reward you with $15 in cryptocurrency and publically announce the mistake. If it happened before that date, we may also give you the cash reward, and will announce it publically – around that time, Alex began manually verifying every individual before allowing others the go-ahead.

Making a verifiably false claim on a card: This shouldn’t happen, ever. If you can prove there is a verifiably false claim on a card made after March 31, 2021, we will reward you with $30 in cryptocurrency and publically announce the mistake. If you find one before that date, we will likely also give you a reward, and we WILL announce the mistake publically.

A typo, incorrect image, or other mild mistake: We will thank you and fix the issue. These things can happen, as we are simply human. We only ask that you ensure to inform and call out the issue when you see it.

If we have a mistake or falsehood on an Infotable:

All Infotables are hand-crafted by Alex, with extensive, thorough, and drawn-out research and verification processes.

You will not find misinformation or inaccurate claims on our InfoTables. We are so sure of this, we offer up to a $150 cryptocurrency reward if you can find a false/seriously misleading claim on them.

Typos, minor mistakes (for example, getting a birth/death year wrong, or an incorrect profile image), and other slights do not qualify for this (We will still rectify these issues as soon as they are brought to our attention, and make a public note of it). Insignificant detail errors (for example, if it was claimed that a person “moved to Israel, where they live to this day”, but in reality, they left Israel several years ago; or, it was said that their father was their greatest inspiration, when in reality it was their mother) will be adjusted and noted if brought to our attention, but these do not justify a monetary bounty.

An inaccurate claim of someone being Jewish DOES qualify for this. (Note: We consider someone to be Jewish if, generally, they have at least one Jewish parent, or are a practicing Jew. Usually, this judgement comes from finding articles written about them in Jewish newspapers like The Forward or Jewish Journal noting their Jewishness in relation to their contributions or accomplishments.)

A highly significant claim that is incorrect also qualifies for this. We will use fair and honest judgement – you are free to make this a public discussion on sites like Twitter for maximum transparency.

If there is a claim on the table that is found to be false, but a reliable source we have cited had previously claimed it to be true, we cannot claim responsibility for the inaccuracy; the issue will be resolved immediately, but unless the source itself is incredibly faulty, negatively partisan, or otherwise bad quality, this would be no fault of our own. This hasn’t happened before, but this disclaimer is here in the event that it does.

If you find something you believe to be in error or otherwise false in any way, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also make a post about it on Twitter and tag us; if the issue is a legitimate concern, we will address it. Feel free to hold us accountable; in fact, we actively encourage you to.