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#192 – Reuben Sturman

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Different sources for the image used: blog

Another image of Sturman.

Original source: Erik Freeland via Retrieved via Google Images. The original image may be copyrighted and we do not claim credit for it.

Reuben Sturman’s IMDb page.

An article by the LA Times about Sturman’s stint with tax evasion that resulted in his arrest. page that we believe is Reuben Sturman’s. The birth and death dates match those on the IMDb page.

Haaretz article including a section about Sturman. This article can be viewed for free at the insecured HTTPS version of the website.

#191 – Abella Danger

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Abella Danger is an adult entertainment star who ranks very highly in the PornHub entertainer rankings, currently residing in second place out of over 75,000 entertainers on the site.

Danger is a Ukranian Jew who was raised in Miami, and enjoyed ballet dancing during her spare time. By the age of 18, she had starred in her first hardcore shoot with adult entertainment studio, BangBros. Since then, she has starred in over 800 shoots and has been rated by adult publication AVN as the “Best New Starlet”.

Danger also directed a PornHub-produced film “Her & Him” in 2019, which received wide-ranging praise from the adult entertainment industry.

#190 – Joanna Angel

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Joanna Angel (Birth name: Joanna Mostov) is an adult entertainment superstar. She has worked as a mainstream actress, writer, and director of numerous adult films.

Angel is credited for her extensive work to help grow the “alt porn” scene in the adult entertainment industry. “Alt porn” is a type of adult entertainment featuring members of subcultures such as emos, goths, punks, and more; often featuring body modifications such as tattoos and piercings.

In April 2002, she started “BurningAngel” with her flatmate Mitch Fontaine. It became one of the biggest sites for the “alt porn” genre.


In 2011, she was named one of the 12 most popular adult film actresses by CNBC.1“The Dirty Dozen – Porn’s Most Popular Stars” (CNBC via

#189 – James Deen

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James Deen is an American pornographic actor who has directed several films. He was previously known as “the most famous man in the porn industry”. Born into a Jewish family in Los Angeles County, California, he entered the porn industry at the age of 18 in 2004.1James Dean Interview (YouTube)

Deen has claimed that it has been his dream since Kindergarten to pursue a career in pornography.2”The Well-Hung Boy Next Door” (

In September 2012, Deen participated in a press conference to oppose Los Angeles County Measure B. This was an initiative that would require the adult film industry to enforce condom usage on sets. Deen opposed the measure as a matter of constitutionality.3“Porn star joins valley business leaders in opposing condom requirement for adult film productions” – (Via This is in line with his general political positions, which he describes as “libertarian”.4“Porn Star James Deen Is a Raging Libertarian, Hates Affirmative Consent” (

Deen identifies with Judaism as “a culture more than anything else”.5“Meet ‘James Deen,’ Jewish Porn Star” (The Forward via“James Deen, the lanky, Jewish porn star you’ve (maybe) never heard of” ( via

From 2005 until 2011, Deen dated fellow Jewish adult film actress Joanna Angel.7Joanna Angel accuses James Deen of abuse during their six-year relationship ( – via

#188 – Ron Jeremy Hyatt

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CNN Entertainment: Ron Jeremy, porn star, charged with sexually assaulting four women – Ron Jeremy Biography

Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, professionally known as Ron Jeremy, is a Jewish-American adult entertainment star, producer, and industry expert. Hyatt has been active in the adult entertainment industry since 1979, starring in several hundred adult videos and winning much praise throughout his career.

In 2017, Ron Jeremy launched a web series titled “Dinner with Ron”. described it on a blog post: “In the show, Ron Jeremy and James Bartholet join other industry personalities to enjoy dinner and have a fun, spontaneous and candid conversation about their lives, their history, their work and their deepest thoughts—and HotMovies catches it all on film so fans can watch.”



#187 – Mark Spiegler

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Mark Spiegler initially graduated from California State University, Northridge with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and became a stock trader. 1 In the 1980’s, Spiegler began working in the adult film industry as a production assistant. He worked as a producer during 1990 on 96 pornographic films.3

Initially, Spiegler began working as an agent for Lia Crawford when she requested to be represented.4 In 1999, Spiegler began working as an agent for Topp Models, but in 2003, he founded his own agency, Spiegler Girls, which is a member of the Licensed Adult Talent Agency Trade Association 5

In February 2009, Spiegler filed a $3,000,000 lawsuit against Skeeter Kerkove for defamation of character. Kerkroveo alleged that Spiegler recieved oral sex from four of his clients in exchange for finding them work. The four performers, Katja Kassiin, Celine Tran, Jayna Oso, and Melissa Lauren, signed declarations stating that the allegations were false. Spiegler won $85K in damages in December 2010.6

#111 – Sam Roth

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“Jewish Self-Styled Prophet ‘Pirate’ and Pornographer Brought Ulysses to America” – HuffPost; October 30, 2013

Samuel Roth is the final influential Jewish mind we’ll be taking a look at in our Hannukah dive into the Jewish influencers behind adult entertainment!

Roth opened the doors for all other contributors to adult entertainment, as he was the victorious plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that legalized pornography in the United States.

Samuel, known by his Hebrew name as Mshillim, was born in Ukraine in 1893 and immigrated to New York with his family in 1897. He started his literary life as a poet in the 1920s, but turned to the then-unknown world of adult entertainment distribution via magazines in the 1930s as he found himself in need of work. He was arrested multiple times throughout the 1930s for breaching then-enforced obscenity laws.

By 1957, Roth brought a case to the Supreme Court in which he successfully argued that obscene materials such as pornography should be protected by the First Amendment, allowing for the continuation of his magazines on the grounds that the women weren’t performing lustful acts.

Roth truly paved the way for pornography’s growth in the United States, and for that we salute him!

#110 – Al Goldstein

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“Al Goldstein, pornography pioneer who claimed free speech, dies” – Reuters; December 29, 2013

“Al Goldstein: The Anti-Hef” – Penguin Random House Canada; December 20, 2013

Happy Hanukkah!

Al Goldstein was a Jewish-American adult film producer.

He is famous for his “Screw” tabloids, “Screw West” magazine, “B*tch” magazine, and “Smut” magazine. In “It Happened in Hollywood”, Al played Morris and is credited as “fourth unit director”.