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If you’d like to help support our mission in creating a powerful, international clique to create content fighting misinformation, you may donate cryptocurrency to the addresses listed on this page. Additionally, we will soon have a Patreon and a T-shirt store.

All money received will be used to expand this project’s operations. We’ve outlined our goals and how we plan to use the funding. We will not, under any circumstance, allow this project to be turned into a grift operation; and subsequently, we will work to provide abundant transparency.

Bitcoin: bc1qrswqnpvnzmdq7k2kcguqs3ulhahhrhc379mmwf

Chainlink: 0x0282187ad0789afE91EA1b25Cc29C7664699D7D4

Monero: 48Gzap8VCSCR6ZLKjji8BCK3pqUwUHxEaUFGqWULZ1tagFsfDg3kj8KHryWMjkDktgPp9K938GeMhbXWUyX7LZzoEvMyi58