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Displayed on this page are links to our “InfoTables” – neatly packaged single-image table charts displaying significant Jewish people from important categories. They are designed for easy sharing and distribution.

More will be added over time.

“Out of the Top 25 Hedge Fund Managers (according to Forbes), 18 are Jewish.” (2020)

“The adult film industry in America came to exist, and was allowed to flourish, thanks almost entirely to the work of Jewish trailblazers.” (Recently updated with a new, expanded Infotable)

“All of President Joe Biden’s Children are married to Jews.”

“The lawyers leading both sides of the trials determining Donald Trump’s second impeachment are Jewish.”

“Modern feminism, especially in America, was largely pioneered, influenced, and led by Jewish women.” (Recently updated with a new, expanded Infotable)

“Many of President Joe Biden’s cabinet picks, especially high-level ones, are Jewish.”

“Out of the top 25 donors to the 2020 US general election, 15 were Jewish.”

“Out Of The 8 Ivy League Universities, 7 Have Jewish Presidents.”

“Within the 5 decades from 1970 to 2020, Jews headed the Federal Reserve for over 38 years.”

“Jews built the comic book industry from the ground up, and the influence of Jewish writers, artists, and editors continues to be felt to this day.”

“As of 2020, Nobel Prizes have been awarded to 962 individuals. Out of these individuals, at least 208 have been Jewish.”

“American Libertarianism was largely pioneered by Jews.”

“Meet some of the brilliant Jewish minds behind the creation and distribution of life-saving vaccinations.”

“Nuclear weaponry was pioneered by Jews, from design, to advocacy for proliferation, largely for the purpose of defeating anti-Semitic and fascist-aligned regimes.”

“Jews played a critical role in the founding of the Communist Party of China, and the subsequent creation and management of the People’s Republic of China.”

Jewish people have been instrumental in the pioneering of LGBT ideas and tolerance. Meet a few of the most prominent Jews whose vital work has shaped our societies’ acceptance and understanding of LGBT+ sexuality.”

“Nearly all of the original Frankfurt School intellectuals were Jewish.”

Out of the 10 individuals in the Hollywood 10, 6 were Jewish.

Jewish people played a critical role in ending apartheid in South Africa. Meet a few of the most prominent Jews who spearheaded the fight for freedom.

Facebook was founded primarily by Jews. Many of the most important leadership positions at Facebook are also held by Jewish people.

“The most popular dating and hookup apps in America were mostly founded by Jewish people.”

“The popular animated series “Big Mouth” was mostly created by Jewish people.”

“The new partnership between the ADL and PayPal, and the Jewish entrepreneurs who made it happen.

“Meet Sigmund Freud and Edward Bernays.”

“Meet Larry Silverstein.”

“Meet the Sackler Family.”