Jewish people played a critical role in ending apartheid in South Africa. Meet a few of the most prominent Jews who spearheaded the fight for freedom.

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"Nelson Mandela Was a Revolutionary — and These Jews Made Common Cause With Him" - (2013)

"Legendary Litvak heroes of Africa" -

"Legendary Heroes of Africa" - Wikipedia

#122 Joe Slovo

Ruth First - Wikipedia

"Ruth Heloise First" - South African History Online

Harry Oppenheimer - Wikipedia

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Nadine Gordimer - Wikipedia

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"When Mandela’s, and the world’s, fate changed at historic Rivonia Trial" - The Washington Post (2013) [Archive]

Joel Goodman Joffe, Baron Joffe - Wikipedia

"Lord Joel Joffe" - The Jewish Chronicle (2017)

Fun Fact: Joffe’s maternal granfather, Abraham Zevi Idelsohn (Wikipedia) was the teacher of Moshe Nathanson, composer of Hava Nagila.

Arthur Chaskalson - Wikipedia

"SA mourns former chief justice Arthur Chaskalson" - Mail & Guardian (2012)

Legal Resources Centre - Wikipedia

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Felicia Kentridge - Wikipedia

Sydney Kentridge - Wikipedia

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"My legal hero: Sir Sydney Kentridge" - David Lammy via The Guardian

Harold Hanson - Wikipedia

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"Helen Suzman" - Jewish Women's Archive

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"Dr Solomon (Solly) Jacobson, FRCP Edin" - Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

"Nou in die verlede: Die dag toe David Pratt Suid-Afrika se eerste minister geskiet het" - [Dutch Language]

Denis Goldberg - Wikipedia

"Denis Goldberg, the man who offered to sign his own death warrant to save Nelson Mandela" - The Guardian

"Denis Goldberg: Anti-apartheid activist who spent 22 years in prison"

Ronnie Kasrils - Wikipedia

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Harry Bloom - Wikipedia

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Pieter-Dirk Uys - Wikipedia

"Grinning Through Apartheid: Pieter-Dirk Uys is South Africa’s equal opportunity satirist. He pokes fun at blacks as well as whites." - The Los Angeles Times

Johnny Clegg - Wikipedia

"Johnny Clegg, South African Singer Who Battled Apartheid With Music, Is Dead at 66" - The New York Times (2019) [Archive]

Harry Schwarz - Wikipedia

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Shulamith Muller - Wikipedia

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Wolfie Kodesh - Wikipedia

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Harold Wolpe - Wikipedia

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Lionel Bernstein - Wikipedia

Hilda Bernstein - Wikipedia

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Arthur Goldreich - Wikipedia

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Sonia Bunting - Wikipedia

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Phyllis Altman - Wikipedia

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Harold Rubens - Wikipedia

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Benjamin Pogrund - Wikipedia

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Sadie Forman - Wikipedia

"Sadie Forman" - South African History Online

"Resilient in the Struggle" - Mail & Guardian (2014)

"Bunim Idel KRILL" -

"Eli Weinberg" - South African History Online

"Hymie Barsel" - South African History Online

Esther Barsel - Wikipedia

"Esther Barsel" - South African History Online

"Hani's secretary was a brave fighter" - IOL News (2008)

Ray Alexander Simons - Wikipedia

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Norma Kitson - Wikipedia

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Ronald Segal - Wikipedia

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Jules Browde - Wikipedia

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"Geoff Budlender" -

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