Team Applications & Tip/Suggestion Submissions

If you would like to join the JewishContributions team, please prove your mettle and problem-solving skills by completing either of the following tasks:

-Create 1 InfoTable entirely from scratch, after choosing a topic/theme and accurately representing said topic/theme the way our standard InfoTables are made.

-Create 10 individual cards from scratch of people who fit any of the following categories, or others that are typically displayed on the site. [Civil Rights, Finance, Media, Banking, Politics, etc.]

Imitate our design to the best of your ability. Use your problem solving skills by locating the font, color schemes, and other elements used in our content. The only element I will provide you is a blank-background PNG image of our logo. The rest is up to you to figure out.

The graphic design does NOT need to be perfect. I just want to see a demonstration of your ability to solve the problem and make an effort to create something of decent quality that I can tell was made with genuine attempt.

I use Photoshop for everything, largely because I find Illustrator inconvenient to use for my purposes. (I used Illustrator for the early InfoTables, but then switched to Photoshop for its convenience.) You may use either Illustrator or Photoshop, or an alternative application if applicable (mention that you used an alternative program in your submission email). Whatever you use MUST have vector capabilities, grid/snapping, and other useful elements for aid in creating clean graphic design design. PaintNET and other similar bitmap image editors will NOT do.

You can use both Photoshop and Illustrator for free under certain circumstances, or pay for them as a subscription. Use your brain and problem solving skills to find the most fitting solution for you.

If you choose to do an InfoTable, you must feature at least 8 Jewish people (Non-Jews who are grayed-out do not count). If it is less, make up for it by subtracting the number of people you covered from 8, and then making individual cards so you have a total of 8 Jewish people covered. The InfoTable must have a theme/idea; it cannot be completely arbitrary. Look at existing InfoTables to understand; all of them have a coherent theme/idea. For example: “My 5 favorite Jewish Kosher chefs in the cooking world” is NOT a coherent/valid theme. However, “Out of the top [#] chefs on the [notable professional chef ranking], [X amount] are Jewish” could be a valid theme (provided it’s true), or even "Meet a few of the most prominent Jewish chefs in the world of professional cooking", so long as it is highly relevant and substantiated.

If you choose to create cards, use your problem solving skills to make them look like existing cards. Alternatively, if you think you’ve got a better design idea, that’s totally OK! We’re always open to feedback, and we’d love to have your improved idea be incorporated in making this project better! Remember, this is about testing your creativity/problem solving skills. Choose 10 individuals who would be relevant to existing categories on the website, or who you think would be otherwise interesting to cover.

Read this WHOLE PAGE before submitting. When you have completed reading this page and done your submission, send it to [email protected] Set your subject line to begin with “(Application)” and any other relevant info. The email itself must contain your attached content, with a PDF containing all of the names and text on the table. It makes your life much easier to organize all of the info in a document for yourself and then copy-paste into the graphic editor. Your PDF will help make my job of fact-checking your table easier. Include all source links either in the PDF, preferably under the name and text of the person they are relevant to, or in the email. Explain anything I should know or understand in the body of your email.

All sources must be cited. Any info, apart from plainly obvious things (and even so, better to just include a source) must be backed up with a reliable source. Each person MUST have a reliable source claiming they are Jewish. If any person does NOT have a reliable source claiming they are Jewish, I will not accept them as a submission.

Examples of good sources:

Jewish outlets - Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel, Forward, etc.

Mainstream news outlets - NY Times, CNN, BuzzFeed, etc. Be careful citing articles from mainstream, yet politically charged, moderate blogs and sites, such as The Daily Wire and Fox News, or respective left wing or liberal sites. While these mainstream sources may be credible in most instances, a political agenda may occasionally incline such sites to publish misleading stories. Certify that the info you are sharing is credible with a solid foundation. We are working to post factual information, not to decieve for advancement of a political agenda.

Otherwise credible news outlets - Local newspapers, etc.

Jewish organizations - i.e., a synagogue’s website listing an obituary/remembrance for a person who attended the synagogue and you are listing in your research.

Trusted institutions - i.e. University/legitimate academia research, institution staff lists, government websites.


Examples of sometimes acceptable sources:

Wikipedia - Use this as a supporting source, for things like their birth/death year, and general, uncontroversial facts about the person. You may NOT use Wikipedia to claim they are Jewish. If Wikipedia says they are Jewish, use the source cited by Wikipedia (after verifying it on your own). If Wikipedia says they are Jewish with no source, you must find a source claiming they are Jewish. Anyone can edit Wikipedia, so that isn’t usable as evidence.

Twitter - Showing a link to the person’s profile/a tweet they made claiming they are Jewish/something they did is acceptable so long as it is legitimate. Similar uses are acceptable, so exercise discretion.

Examples of unacceptable sources:

Anti-Semitic websites - Come on, this should be obvious. “WEHATEJEWS.nazi/exposing-the-evil-jews/” is not a valid source for your information. Be sure that the websites you are citing are not anti-Jewish hate sites, or aligned with anti-Semitic attitudes. This should be reasonably clear if you have any level of wit, but I’m listing it here anyways.

Conspiracy blogs/Questionable websites - Any website which, while not appearing to be anti-Semitic at all, but still seems to appeal to conspiracy theories and other questionable content, isn’t acceptable. If the website’s layout looks like it was made in GeoCities in 2002, your common sense should tell you not to use it. I’m going to put this here anyways.

Extremist websites - This has almost total overlap with the last two, but I’ll give it a separate listing anyways. The only time citing an extremist website COULD be acceptable would be if the Jewish person you are listing had an association with said extremist group. Avoid citing them anyways; try to find a better source listing the info.

Sensational Tabloid/“Fake News” Outlets - Use your common sense for this.

Given the high volume of applications, I may not have time to individually correct issues and give feedback for mistakes. If ANY of your information is unsubstantiated by your sources, and/or is questionable, your submission will not be accepted. We are committed to providing only the highest quality and most accurate information available, and fighting misinformation in any way physically possible. Therefore, ensure all your sources are solid and kosher so nobody’s time is wasted.

Thank you for reading. If you are planning to submit your content, email it to the address listed in the body of the text in the format stated. I didn’t put it here because I want to make sure you actually read the page.

I’d just like to submit a Jew to be recognized on this site…

To suggest a person who you believe is a notable Jewish individual who deserves to be recognized, please email us with the follow message structure:

Subject Line: Suggestion: [The persons name]

Include a brief description of who the person is and what they did that makes them notable.

Please be brief, and include accurate information. Cite information from reliable sources.

I’d like to suggest a change, point out an error, or notify of a change…

It happens to the best of us… we all make mistakes, and the admins of this website are no exceptions!

Feel free to email us about a mistake we’ve made, and we will work to correct it as soon as possible. Please include a reliable source for the information if you can.

Subject Line: Correction: [The persons name] [The issue topic]

In body of the message, tell us the issue as briefly as possible.