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Make a Suggestion / Apply to Help

Would you like to volunteer to help this project?

This project is in desperate need of volunteers in order to continue and improve smooth operations and expansion. If we are unable to find volunteers very soon, we will be forced to find other ways to keep this project afloat in its current form. Our posting is already slowed to a crawl and we do not like the limitations imposed on us by our current situations.

Volunteers are mostly needed to complete the monotonous tasks of creating the pre-made cards that you can shuffle through on the main page. As a volunteer, you will be obliged to create cards for specified individuals and work with other card creators in order to ensure proper workflow. You will also be enabled to add and contribute new individuals to create cards for.

The cards are made using a pre-fabricated format. You need only change the text and attached photograph. This task is simple, but with repetition is has become extremely taxing for our already paper-thin management.

The requirements, therefore are as follows; 1. A functioning desktop or laptop computer. 2. An internet connection. 3. Some free time you are willing to spend helping this project succeed.

If you’d like to apply, send us a direct message on Twitter or email us at

If we are unable to find volunteers, we will need to begin solicitiating support in other ways. Thank you for your time.

Would you like to make a suggestion, or let us know any important information?

You may e-mail us at if you would like to suggest a person to add to this website, let us know of an error or an update, or ask questions you may have.

You may also send an email to the same address if you are intersted in applying to write articles for this website.

I’d like to submit a Jew to be recognized on this site…

To suggest a person who you believe is a notable Jewish individual who deserves to be recognized, please email us with the follow message structure:

Subject Line: Suggestion: [The persons name]

Include a brief description of who the person is and what they did that makes them notable.

Please be brief, and include accurate information. Cite information from reliable sources.

I’d like to suggest a change, point out an error, or notify of a change…

It happens to the best of us… we all make mistakes, and the admins of this website are no exceptions!

Feel free to email us about a mistake we’ve made, and we will work to correct it as soon as possible. Please include a reliable source for the information if you can.

Subject Line: Correction: [The persons name] [The issue topic]

In body of the message, tell us the issue as briefly as possible.