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InfoTable: Meet some of the brilliant Jewish minds behind the creation and distribution of life-saving vaccinations.

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Displayed below is the image. The resolution is compressed – if you want to save and download it, use the button above. Each individual has either a) their own page with sources and detailed information, linked below, or b) a link to a source showing who they are, or confirming that they are Jewish.

#250 – Jeffrey Koplan

(Julie Gerberding – Non-Jewish, but recipient of the “Women’s Global Leadership Award” from the American Jewish Committee in 2014.)

#251 – Tom Frieden

#245 – Rochelle Walensky

#258 – Anne Schuchat

#145 – Benjamin Rubin

#146 – Jonas Salk

#147 – Albert Sabin

#148 – John B. Robbins

#149 – Rachel Schneerson

#150 – Irving Millman

#151 – Baruch Blumberg

Samuel Katz

Aaron Ismach

Paul Offitt

Dorit Rubenstein Reiss

Source confirming most of these people as Jewish:, sourced from

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