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What’s this?

Hello there! Welcome to!

We are a Jewish-run website dedicated to showcasing Jewish achievement. Through this site and blog, we intend to highlight significant individuals of Jewish descent and faith, and those who have contributed to social, environmental, economic, and scientific progress.

Interesting! What kind of documentation and information do you provide?

Documented on this website are politicians, scientists, bankers, media personalities and producers, civil rights activists, billionaires, and more. Some of the figures on this site may be of a controversial nature, but we still consider it imperative to include them most of the time, as leaving them out denies crucial knowledge and understanding to our readers.

Why are you doing this project?

Many people are not aware of how much Jewish people have contributed to our society, and how they are involved with bringing us so many of the wonderful things we see and experience in our everyday life. We hope this website is able to bring people a new perspective, helping them to notice the highly positive influence Jewish people have had on our modern world.

Are there any similar websites to this one you would recommend?

This website is similar in nature to, another Jewish-run website showcasing prominent Jewish people.

Who runs this website?

This website is run by multiple people, all of them Jewish. The head admin is Alex, an American-born Jew of Polish descent. The second most active admin is Nyle, a European-born jew currently living in Eastern Europe. The other admins come from a variety of backgrounds but mostly focus on general maintenance and issue correction.

I have a suggestion, or a question. Where may I get in contact with the administators of this website?

Here is a page with details on how to contact us via E-Mail.

You may also send us a Direct Message on Instagram or Twitter.

If you’d like to add information about a specific person who we already have an article about on this website, you may find it easier to post the information in the Disqus comment section at the bottom of the page. However, feel free to contact us as well!